A bike path

That is
unique in North America

Drilled directly on the Talus bordering Highway 132, the
bike path linking Oka and Mont-Saint-Hilaire is truly
exceptional. This route required technical expertise
that few drilling companies can claim as their own.

Forage CBF delivers

Unparalelled expertise
in its industry

The cycling and pedestrian pathway project linking the cities of Oka and Mont-Saint-Hilaire in Quebec is part of the deployment of the Greater Montréal Green and Blue Corridor (Trame verte et bleue du Grand Montréal), an initiative resulting from the Montréal urban agglomeration land use and development plan (PMAD). Its 1.7 km-long structure on piles located alongside the St. Lawrence River makes it a unique design in North America.

This original design feature required the use of innovative drilling techniques due to the limited space between Highway 132 and the St. Lawrence River.

1,7 Km

Section of the
pile structure


On the slope along
Highway 132


Bored piles

> 25m

Pile length

Recognized for its experience in deep foundations and innovative drilling techniques, Forage CBF was quick to accept this major challenge. Working along Highway 132 in the slope leading to the St. Lawrence River, Forage CBF’s team installed 481 bored piles using specialized equipment for efficient operation despite the constraints related to the slope. As part of this project, Forage CBF had to use piles that were longer than 25 metres, which provided unequalled speed and efficiency.