Montreal 2015

Champlain Bridge

Originally tasked with drilling test piles in the summer
of 2015, Forage CBF’s expertise and diligent work
quickly propelled it to the rank of advisor for deep foundations and managers of
this emblematic project!

The reference in terms of

Deep foundation

The involvement of Forage Camille Blais & Fils in the construction of the new Champlain Bridge was solicited from the onset of the project in the summer of 2015. Forage CBF was responsible for installing the test piles that were used to confirm the foundation design of the new bridge. Combining speed and efficiency, Forage CBF is quickly becoming the reference in terms of deep foundation operations for project managers.

Following the construction of a jetty on bored piles— essential to the work on the new bridge—and the installation of several caisson piles—necessary for the construction of various structure —Forage CBF is now acting as a consultant for the project managers with regard to the foundations and retaining walls.

A project accomplished
in a safe and skillful manner

Nearly 5 years after beginning this project, it is with a deep sense of accomplishment that the entire Forage CBF team is turning the page on this substantial undertaking, a project that has major implications for Quebec and Canada.

It goes without saying that it was an honour for our entire team to have joined the 1,000 workers that contributed to the 8 million hours dedicated to the construction of the new Champlain Bridge.