Comacchio MC28A: Brigning dual rotary drilling and percussive drilling together

16 July 2019

The will of Forage CBF is to ensure its position at the forefront of the drilling industry. Therefore, it drives us to push the technological limits and to innovate through the creation of high-performance drilling solutions. This aim toward excellence is strongly reflected in the use of the Comacchio MC28A. Far from being a drill like any other, this state-of-the-art machine combines dual-head rotary drilling technology and rotary percussive drilling. This is a real breakthrough in the Canadian drilling industry.

“For 10 years, we have been the leaders in Quebec’s drilling industry. In order to maintain this forefront position, we have been constantly investing in R&D to find more efficient and effective drilling techniques. The Comacchio MC28A perfectly reflects this philosophy.”

In fact, our team went all the way to Europe to get the expertise that allowed us to combine the advantages of both types of drilling in a single machine. Although the Comacchio MC28A has required considerable investment in R&D, it now gives CBF superior drilling performances, regardless of soil density and composition.