Montreal 2013

Icône project

What better way to showcase the precision and
exceptional technical knowledge that is typical of any
project undertaken by Forage CBF than laying the
foundations for a 38-storey residential tower in the
heart of Montreal?

Precision and speed of execution

A drilling project
aacomplished in the heart of Montreal

In search of a drilling company capable of working efficiently and dealing with numerous constraints, the organization responsible for the construction of the ICÔNE project did not hesitate to entrust Forage CBF with retaining operations for their 38-storey residential tower.

This project’s location (the heart of Montreal), meant that each of the project’s stakeholders had to manage many unique challenges. This was the perfect opportunity for Forage CBF to demonstrate its knowledge of installing large-scale retaining walls using innovative technologies.

By putting a team of 20 professionals skilled in deep foundation work and land support to work, Forage CBF was able to complete drilling within 6 months to construct a 31,000 square foot retaining wall that was required to build a 5-storey underground development!